12toZero Technology: HyFloat


Harvesting zero-emissions energy at utility scale

Deep sea hydrogen production offers virtually unlimited potential for renewable energy harvesting
Hydrogen consumers (often concentrated in ports) need stable supply, but wind-based production is intermittent
HyFloat makes renewable hydrogen reliable & available at the lowest cost of any technology

2000 GW

of offshore wind capacity required by 2050. (Source: GWEC)


of global offshore wind resources are in deep waters, requiring floating tech. (Source: GWEC)

390 GW

of offshore wind used to generate hydrogen by 2045. (Source: Siemens)

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the reliability solution that makes full decarbonisation possible

Energy security means we need to develop deep water – the red bit

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HyFloat adresses a huge market

Hydrogen, wind, and long duration storage are multi-trillion dollar markets & key to energy transition success.

The future energy harvesting at sea is filled with hydrogen

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HyFloat is a key technology for energy Transition

Dual function enables huge cost reductions in system

By combining buoyancy and storage we achieve 33% lower CAPEX compared to other floating hydrogen concepts. Simplified supply system with lower equipment count and lower complexity


Green steel enabler

Green and abundant value chain materials; Green Steel. HyFloat decarbonises its own value chain when serving steel clients, accelerating global decarbonisation efforts


Long duration energy storage solution.

storage per unit provides scalable intermittency solution. An industrial scale problem solver for energy systems pursuing renewable energy based decarbonisation


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HyFloat Marin

HyFloat has successfully completed it’s 1st trials at the facilities of the world-renowned MARIN research centre.

HyFloat shows the same excellent hydrodynamics as other spar buoy designs which are an excellent choice for harsh (windy) environments


Advisory Board

We are looking for driven C-Level leaders with deep experience in at-scale energy engineering, hardtech startups and mega-project financing to share in our growth journey in developing a key reliability resource for drcarbonised energy systems
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Meet Our Proffesionals


Jamie Frew Phd MBA


Over 20 years in chemicals and energy industries including offshore energy
Deep understanding of technology fundamentals & major projects
Specialist in renewable hydrogen’s role future energy systems
Experience in developing innovative business cases based on new technologies.

Simon Potter


Over 20 years in offshore, floating energy & defence projects
Delivering global scale, complex $Bn floating offshore projects
1st of a kind naval architecture challenges. Focused on Net Zero solutions
Global products, global solutions, across all phases from “that idea” to end of life

Michel Ingenbleek Phd MBA


Over 20 years in offshore O&G and renewable energy in various senior exec roles
Deep understanding of EPC offshore operations and subsea installations
Energy economics, making business cases on (un)conventional technologies
Experience in developing large (>$500MM) international EPC-EPCI offshore projects, C-suite consulting

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