Decarbonising the economy is a huge challenge, especially in the transport and industrial sectors, yet many governments have now begun to set targets requiring carbon emissions to be reduced to zero in the coming decades. At the same time, renewable energy sources and other new technologies are plummeting in cost, opening up new possibilities that were unimaginable a few years ago.

The purpose of 12 TO ZERO is to help companies seize opportunities in this turbulent environment. 12 TO ZERO sees the deployment of new technologies such as low emissions hydrogen as a key to enabling high impact decarbonisation.


Jamie has an insatiable curiosity and is constantly immersed in the science, technology and economics of the energy transition. He believes that technological advances will enable a prosperous Energy Transition for business and society. He has international experience across the entire energy value chain, from working in chemical research at some of the UK's top-ranked institutions to managing operations in upstream O&G development.

He has had an avid interest in the potential of hydrogen to decarbonise energy systems and his hydrogen industry expertise was further developed whilst working in business development for one of the world's industrial gas companies; Air Liquide. He has deep market knowledge of large-scale hydrogen production for refineries, petrochemicals and other industrial clients. He knows the challenges of implementing hydrogen, having worked on a variety of industrial-scale projects based on conventional technology and also has experience in the development of a wide variety of innovative low-emissions hydrogen business cases.

Jamie led Air Liquide's engagement in the joint industry project; H-vision, which aims at achieving multi-megaton carbon reductions through the use of carbon-capture enabled hydrogen production in the Port of Rotterdam industrial cluster.

Jamie holds a PhD in industrial chemistry from St Andrews University and an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management. The unique combination of his commercial, industrial and academic expertise gives him an in-depth perspective on the role hydrogen-based technologies can play in decarbonising energy systems.


Consultancy Services

The Energy Transition is a complex and evolving landscape. Jamie is skilled in synthesising complicated and ambiguous data into actionable information for decision making using a variety of frameworks and modelling tools to understand multiple possible scenarios. Jamie leverages deep knowledge of energy systems gained whilst working in a variety of functions in the energy and petrochemicals industry.

Business Development

Jamie's commercial expertise and specialist knowledge in energy projects gives him the deep insight required to develop creative technical and commercial solutions in a wide variety of applications. His experience ranges from contract management to major infrastructure development strategies. This has included project development involving world-scale hydrogen projects and new technology cases based on electrolysis and carbon capture.

Innovation Services

12 TO ZERO leverages expertise gained in the Europe's largest and most progressive hydrogen market as it faces the challenge of decarbonisation. Realising the vision of a decarbonised energy system requires the ability to identify feasible opportunities created by changes in technology, policy, economics and incentives. Jamie has a deep understanding on the technology and value chain of the emerging hydrogen economy.

Project Management

Skilled in delivering complex and technically innovative projects within challenging resource and timeline constraints. Proven ability to work successfully across specialisms and functions in multidisciplinary teams with different aims and objectives. Jamie is adept at aligning diverse stakeholders on concrete steps through negotiation and clear communication of objectives. Experience in structured risk identification, setting achievable objectives and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction.


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